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February 25, 2022

UK law firm accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and other crypto

British law firm Gunnercooke accepts payments in most major cryptocurrencies for their services. Those in need of legal help can now get the help they need with payments in Bitcoin,...
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The scoreboard for soccer club crypto deals

The world’s most popular sport suffered an own-goal as European clubs canceled their partnerships with Bitci, a Turkish crypto exchange. However, plenty of substitute crypto companies are on the bench,...
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Former TenX CEO hacked The DAO, claims crypto Journalist

Laura Shin says that investigations point to former TenX CEO as the man behind the hack on The DAO. The alleged hacker has reportedly denied the accusation. Crypto journalist Laura...
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The US needs to embrace Bitcoin, says Pompliano

America needs to “get very serious about [its] Bitcoin strategy as a nation-state,” said Pompliano. Bitcoin is a US technology “from an ethos standpoint,” he added. Most of the selling...
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Canadian police order blacklisting of 34 crypto wallets linked to Freedom Convoy

The police order, Counter Signal reports,  is part of the government’s “emergency” measures and puts over 25 Bitcoin, or roughly $1.4 million at risk of being blocked to the truckers’...
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correlation with stocks pulls it lower after invasion

Given the jarring news overnight that Russia have invaded Ukraine, it feels a little trivial writing about finance this afternoon. I really hope the people of Ukraine will be OK...
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