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March 21, 2022

What does it mean for the industry?

Proof-of-work (PoW) crypto mining won’t be banned in the European Union — not this year at least. That’s the conclusion from last week’s closely watched committee vote in the European...
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Luna token price is soaring, but is the network’s growth sustainable?

Terra, an open-source blockchain platform for algorithmic stablecoins, has been on fire over the last half-year or so. The value of its native crypto asset Terra (LUNA) has risen from...
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Goldman Sachs makes first crypto OTC trade

Goldman’s over-the-counter crypto transaction was facilitated by Michael Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Holdings. Goldman Sachs is said to have completed its first over-the-counter crypto derivatives trade, the first major US bank...
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Crypto-fueled relief aid for Ukraine

The people of Ukraine require the world’s help more than ever before. As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to rage on, the world must rally behind the Ukrainian government...
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Major cryptos slide, US indices surge

Major cryptos were in the red over the past 24 hours. The three major US indices all surged last week as a slowdown in the Russia-Ukraine war showed tentative signs...
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Arab States of the Gulf open up to digital asset services, March 14–21

Last week got off to an antsy start as the clause that many interpreted as a direct route to ban proof-of-work-(PoW)-based cryptocurrencies made a sudden comeback to the draft of...
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Top 3 coins to consider

The metaverse is seen as the hottest trend in crypto right now. The big tech giants of our time are pouring money into this idea. In the coming years, the...
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