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March 29, 2022

Arcane Research on L1s vs. ETH and BTC vs, S&P 500 in 2022

Arcane Research analysts believe one of the strongest crypto narratives over the next twelve months will be the performance of the so-called “ETH killers.” They also predict Bitcoin will outperform...
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Canada’s Conservative party candidate advocates for Bitcoin and blockchain

Tahinis Restaurants owner Aly Hamam shared his ‘secret’ with Canadian politicians during a Standing Committee on Finance’s Pre-Budget Consultations session. Canadian politician and Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre just bought...
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Why did WAVES price rise by 60% today?

WAVES token has shaken the entire crypto market by rallying over 60% in the last 24 hours. Its latest price surge has made it become the 32nd largest cryptocurrency by...
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America’s Top 5 Pro-Crypto Politicians, Revealed

Last year, Elizabeth Warren described cryptocurrencies as the refuge of  “shadowy super coders”, leading commentators to criticise the ignorance of US politicians towards an increasingly important aspect of modern financial...
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Top 3 coins to store your wealth

The crypto market is often associated with high volatility, wild swings in prices, and stories of rags to riches as well. It’s therefore very hard to look at crypto-assets as...
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Crypto taxes and taxes on crypto, March 21–28.

It was relatively quiet in the digital asset policy department last week, as regulators and lawmakers in most key jurisdictions retreated to their offices to do the necessary homework. In...
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