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Bitcoin of America adds Dogecoin to ATMs

Bitcoin of America, a money services business and popular FinCEN-registered virtual currency exchange, has added Dogecoin to their Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs), PR News Wire reported in a press release. Dogecoin is currently available at all Bitcoin of America ATM locations.

Thousands of BTMs in 31 states  

Bitcoin of America has more than 1800 BTMs across 31 states. Recognizing the rising popularity of Dogecoin, they decided it was time to include it in their platform. The business added Ethereum in October 2021.

Bitcoin of America also offers Bitcoin and Litecoin options at their BTMs and online. You will find the closest one to you by visiting their website and entering your address.

Introducing the Universal Kiosk

The virtual currency exchange has upgraded its machines and services several times over the past year.

In May 2021, they launched their new Universal Kiosk, which combines the functions of a Bitcoin ATM and a traditional ATM. It has three main functions.

You can buy crypto with cash and sell it for cash. There is also the conventional function of dispensing cash from a debit card.

Store owners can earn extra income

Store owners who want to earn extra income or have an interest in crypto can take advantage of Bitcoin of America’s host program. The company provides them with increased foot traffic, passive income, and marketing. It can also take care of customer support, installation, and maintenance.


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