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Heroes of Mavia partners with Tribe Gaming for esports-focused P2E gaming

Heroes of Mavia, a blockchain-based play-to-earn massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game developed by Skrice Studios and backed by Binance has announced its partnership with Tribe Gaming, in a major push for esports-focused P2P gaming. Tribe Gaming is one of the largest esports organizations around the world.

The partnership will give Tribe a chance to expand its esports gaming initiative into the blockchain gaming field. Tribe is already very popular in developing mobile games and computer games venturing into blockchain gives it an upper hand among its competitors.

Tribe’s game creators and players consistently bring in over 100 million views a month.

Following the partnership, the founder and CEO of Tribe Gaming, Patrick Carney, said that collaborating with Mavia was an exciting opportunity and that they are looking forward to a bullish future as ‘Heroes of Mavia’ game nears its launch.

Tribe now owns plots in the fantasy island of Mavia

As part of the partnership, Tribe now owns dozens of Legendary plots in the fantasy island of Mavia. It shall go ahead to uniquely do its branding on these plots of land to allow its brand to appear in the Heroes of Mavia game.

Tribe shall also have exclusive in-game skins and decorations custom done to Tribe branding taste.

The partnership proves that Mavia, which is backed by Capital, Binance Labs, and Genblock Capital is placing a bit bet on esports gaming. It also asserts Mavia’s position as the largest esports-focused P2E game.

While commenting about the partnership, an Executive Producer at Skrice Studios Yvan Feusi said that the team at Skrice Studios was happy to have Tribe as an official partner and that it was essential for the Mavia’s team to work with seasoned veterans as they push their game into “competitive gaming and esports.


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