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Rekt Capital highlights key levels for BTC/USD amid a bullish outlook

  • Crypto trader and analyst Rekt Capital says the 200-day EMA is a key level for bulls, currently around $47,000.

  • Data from CoinGecko shows Bitcoin reached a high of $45,300 on Tuesday before retreating sharply to the $43,400 area.

Bitcoin (BTC) has retreated from its intraday highs of $45,300 reached on Tuesday and is currently hugging the area at around $43,450. The bounce low has seen the momentum seen since the weekend look to slow down.

However, with sentiment bullish about the flagship cryptocurrency’s short-term price movement, crypto analyst Rekt Capital says another melt-up is likely.

He says the BTC/USD pair is eyeing a key level, which if reached and turned into support, would suggest the outlook from long-term investors has shifted positive. The optimism could be a catalyst for further buying, likely aiding bulls push for the elusive breakout to the psychologically important level at $50,000.

Here’s what the pseudonymous analyst noted as BTC price flirted with resistance around $45,300:

BTC is slowly approaching the 200-day EMA (black) Flip the EMA into support and this will be an indication that long-term investor sentiment is shifting back to being bullish on Bitcoin.

He shared the chart below, which shows Bitcoin’s recovery after last month’s rout and the potential for a breakout to $47,000.

Chart showing BTC rebound towards the 200 EMA. Source: Rekt Capital on Twitter.

This level represents the 200-day exponential moving average, which Rekt Capital highlights as one of the key indicators of long-term investor sentiment towards Bitcoin.

 “The black 200 EMA is a long-term gauge of investor sentiment towards BTC. The 200 EMA currently represents a price point of ~$47000,” he said.

While the analyst is optimistic on BTC/USD, he points to the chart and the 200 EMA versus current price levels to note that bulls might have to struggle a bit before flipping the line into support.

If Bitcoin price turns $43k into support and breaks above the supply zone above $45k, then it’s likely to continue higher with the highlighted range ($43,100-$51,900). 

Crypto analyst Scott Melker holds a similar view and says that the benchmark crypto has “tapped” the zone. He is positive about BTC/USD price above this level.

Bitcoin has also painted a similar recovery as that seen during the last correction (May-July 2021), by breaking higher from the lower Bollinger Band on the weekly log. The last time it happened, BTC rallied to its all-time high of $69k.

Bitcoin price is up more than 12% this past week.


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