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Where to buy GMR token

GMR token is among Monday’s hottest and most-trending cryptocurrencies. GMR is up around 250% over the past 24 hours and nearly 350% over the past week. If you want to take advantage of the momentum and buy GMR token now, this guide is for you.

Best places to buy GMR token

What is GMR token?

GMR token is a gamer coin from GMR Finance. It allows game developers and platforms to create and sell personal NFTs in a quick and easy way. 

The token was created with a fixed supply of 1 quadrillion tokens. But half of the supply was burned at launch and the token boasts deflationary properties that continue to reduce supply over time and generate incremental value to owners.

GMR’s management team has chosen not to remain anonymous. All senior executives decided to disclose their identities. Chief Executive Officer Ryan Washington noted on his LinkedIn page he wanted to unite gamers and creators in a mutually beneficial environment by leveraging his experience as a former indie game developer 

Should I buy GMR token now?

GMR token has surged in value in the past 24 hours so buying GMR token now does have some risk attached to it. Early buyers could be looking to exit their position and pocket their notable gains.

On the other hand, the momentum seen over the past day could merely accelerate, giving those who buy GMR now an opportunity to profit.

GMR price prediction

GMR token has a very high 24 hour trading volume. It has gained a lot in the last 24 hours and there is a lot of activity around it on Twitter, where many great things in crypto have started.  

Assigning a specific price target could be difficult given the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, especially among those that are little known.


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