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MetaMask iPhone Users can now buy cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay

On Tuesday, March 29, the popular Ethereum crypto wallet announced some updates to its mobile version 4.3.1 including integrating Apple Pay.

On its own, Apple does not directly support crypto transactions. Therefore, Apple Pay shall integrate with Wyre, which does support crypto.

Buy crypto with credit and debit cards

MetaMask Apple users will now be able to buy crypto using credit and debit cards through Apple Pay. This means that they will not need to send ETH to Apple Pay for them to buy crypto.

After Apple Pay-MetaMask integration Apple Pay users will be able to deposit a daily maximum of $400 using their Mastercards, Visa cards, or Wyre API.

The rest of the updates

Besides Apple Pay integration, MetaMask introduced support for gasless transactions, which shall be made possible by a private blockchain, or protocol pay for the gas on behalf of its users.

The updates will make MetaMask more user-friendly and thus attract more users. In mid-March, it was reported that MetaMask had surpassed 30 million monthly users making it one of the most popular crypto wallets.

On March 16, ConsenSys CEO, Joseph Lubin announced that MetaMask shall launch its own token and DAO later in the year and users are hoping for an airdrop similar to that of Uniswap. ConsenSys is the firm behind the MetaMask wallet and it recently completed a $450 million fundraising round.


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