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Breaking Awesomely Good News: Second Coming of Jesus Christ Could Happen Any Second!!

That is right, fellow human beings. Any second all your worldly suffering could come to an end, and eternal joy, bliss, and harmony could be your new reality in a completely New Earth! Those poor human beings who experienced so much troubles in this world, especially you poor humans who experienced sufferings in this world because of your constant battle with Satan, in that you were victimized by impure thoughts and desires, and constantly all your life had to go through so much pain, suffering, and tribulation trying to avoid those thoughts in order to continue in path of purity, holiness, virginity, and saintly life. Any second, your sufferings could be over, because Jesus Christ could come any day now.

So, you could truly desire His coming above any other coming of this world, be it a new politician, a new boss, the coming of a new better day, or any other coming. Instead, ope and expect the coming of the Bridegroom Christ, and take you away into the new world. Imagine this, as in the end of the Book of Judges, women dancing in the Festival of the Lord were kidnapped, and given as wives to the remaining men of the Tribe of Benjamin. This way, keep your soul always dancing inside, and having a desire to be kidnapped and taken into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, to be wed with the Ultimate Bridegroom of the soul, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Keep constant hope in this. As it is stated in Romans 15:13, “Then your hope will overflow by the power of the Holy Spirit”. This way, the Holy Spirit would provide you with a hope that your salvation is near. May It Be So!

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