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Breaking Good News: Second Coming of Christ May Happen Any Second Already!

That’s right, all. 2nd Coming of Christ can happen any second. Now, with the Ukraine and Russia conflict is escalating, and a brother against brother war-like scenario is emerging, this is a great reason why Jesus Christ must come to end that wars and all wars in the world. So, if you are from Ukraine, Russia, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile,. Peru, Argentina, USA, UK, China, Holland, Wales, South Africa, North Dakota, Ohio, California, Utah, Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska, or any other country or state in this world not listed from this list, then you can also want Second Coming of Jesus Christ to happen already. So, it would be great if it happen very soon. Gut, regardless, in the space of time, Second Coming of Christ is imminent and could happen any second, starting from 30 something CE.

So, if you want Christ to come back to earth as soon as possible, then think about this thought, please: “Jesus Christ, our dear Lord and Savior, please come to Earth soon, within seconds, minutes, or hours from now”.

Amen! May the 2nd Coming of Christ happen any second, and maybe the Ukraine–Russia war be over, with result of victory: Russians and Ukrainians love each other in mutual unconditional brotherly love, with no lgbt in it whatsoever. Oh, and may Second Coming of Christ come already, as lgbt movement is very similar to the Sodom and Gomorrah story, and in future the Lord gave a hint that the end times will be similar to Noah’s time of the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah stories, and similarly it will happen in the last times. So, the lgbt movement is Sodom and Gomorrah, and massive amount of evil where God has a great reason to destroy the entire world because of the evil, is the Noah’s story.

So, may Christ come ASAP! because, literally He could, because noone can know His coming, so, it can happen any second!

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