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Breaking Very Good News: Second Coming of Jesus Could Happen At Any Moment!

That’s right! He can appear any second and New Jerusalem could be established any second. Don’t let the Ukraine-Russia war be of a much scare. Just expect Second Coming pf f Christ, and if you have not done this already, then this is a great time to accept Christ as the Son of God and your personal Savior, Redeemer, and Friend!

He can come any second and His Kingdom would appear instead of this current earth as we know it. Instead of sicknesses, wars, poverty, hatred, any second could happen an entirely new world, with golden streets, with Tree of Life around the river banks, and you, as new angelic child-like creature would roam this Heavenly Kingdom! In Book of Corinthians , well Second Book of Corinthians 7:1, it says – “Dear friends, we have these promises from God”… The Holy Bible is full of promises and these promises also are about what to expect, so let’s all expect a New Earth as soon as possible, with new angel-like pretty bodies instead of current corrupt bodies that are prone to sin and lust, and that are prone to emitting bodily fluids especially in vain.

So, let’s all wait for His Kingdom on Earth, Christ could come any second, be it in 1 second from now, or over thousands and thousands of seconds from now. Doesn’t matter, He will come and we will see Him, and let’s all hope to be with Him forever soon. Amen, and glory be to Hashem! Much love!

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