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Telos (TLOS) hits all-time highs – Here is why more growth is still to come

After suffering major selling pressure at the start of 2022, Telos (TLOS) has rallied massively. The token has now hit an all-time high and while this is good news, there are several reasons that suggest more growth is coming. We will look at them in a bit but here are some highlights first.

  • Telos (TLOS) has surged by nearly 230% from the lowest price recorded this year.

  • At press time, the token was selling for $1.19, up nearly 17% in 24-hour intraday trading.

  • This growth has largely been triggered by new partnerships and developments at Telos (TLOS).

Data Source: Tradingview 

Telos (TLOS) – Why the bullish run will continue

In most cases, when crypto-assets hit all-time highs, they are followed by some pullback. But Telos (TLOS) appears to be running wild and looking at the underlying fundamentals, the long-term outlook is also very positive. 

The reason for this is based on how the Telos (TLOS) ecosystem has been expanding and bringing in new partners. The integration of DappRadar was a big thing but we are also seeing the ecosystem bringing in new strategic DeFi and NFT partners. Also, the integration with Anchor Wallet could be decisive as well in the future. 

Why you should buy Telos (TLOS) now?

The partnerships that Telos (TLOS) is building are designed to expand its ecosystem and create visibility in the crypto market. These are all going to be crucial in the long-term growth of this token. 

But more importantly, Telos (TLOS) has a market cap of around $320 million. This means that the coin has immense growth potential, and as long as they continue doing what they have done so far, it’s conceivable that the market cap could easily jump by a minimum of 10 times in the coming years.


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