1 What services Does Bitcoin Ting offer?

A first time customer first receives a 1 hour chat consultation with one of Bitcoin Ting attorneys. After that, the attorney would get to work to bring the case to justice. Services could include thorough investigation, mediation, and follow-up assistance based on the particular case.

2 How Much Do Bitcoin Ting Decentralized Crypto Law Firm services cost???

Please contact the Bitcoin Ting customer service for a quote. 

3 How To Contact Bitcoin Ting?

You can submit an email to bitcointing@gmail.com or fill out a form by clicking on bottom right corner, and a team member will respond to your inquiry.

4 What results do expect from Bitcoin Ting?

Although Bitcoin Ting does not guarantee that the client recovers any of scammed funds, but results do vary.

5 What Is Royal Doge Inu?

Royal Doge Inu is the official cryptocurrency token and NFT of Bitcoin Ting. It is a meme of Royal Doge characters, who allegorically act as the attorneys of the Bitcoin Ting Decentralized Crypto Law Firm.