Bitcoin Ting is a Decentralized Crypto Law Firm established in 2023 and headquartered in Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania. This law firm acts as a decentralized organization with a mission to bring cryptocurrency scams to justice.

The attorneys working for Bitcoin Ting are a group of individuals who have expertise in the cryptocurrency industry, and who have either knowledge, education, and specialization in the legal system, have been victimized with alike cryptocurrency scams themselves, and/or show interest to act as mediators of justice; to assist victims of such scams and enhance measures to prevent these scams from ever happening again. Customers of Bitcoin Ting receive thorough and beneficial assistance to possibly recover their funds, file lawsuits, opening complaints, and attaining consultation of preventive methods to not fall into similar scams ever again. These attorneys make a pledge to actually care about their customers, and use systematic techniques to investigate the scam cases, and find the right solution to bring these cases to justice. Bitcoin Ting attempts to find partners in the justice system to continue investigating the scam cases, and receive positive outcomes to satisfy the needs of its clients.